High Street Haul – Wintry Bridesmaid Dresses


There are only so many bridal boutiques in your local town so it’s no surprise that you may run out of choice before finding the perfect items for your wedding! However, this doesn’t need to be a bridezilla moment…

Have you considered shopping the high street for all your wedding goodies? Whether it’s a stunning pair of bridal shoes, pretty gowns for your maids,  a smart suit and tie for your groom or items to decorate your venue, all of these can be found on the high street for a reasonable price and no matter where you see them, you can pop into your local retailer to buy the item at any time.

If you haven’t guessed already, today I braved the icy cold weather and scoured the high street for gorgeous bridesmaids dresses perfect for any wintry themed wedding. Here are a few of my favourites…


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Halloween Wedding Inspiration

Halloween Wedding Inspiration

Halloween is just around the corner… Tomorrow to be exact, but admittedly it’s not a time of year I tend to celebrate. I love pumpkin carving, as I will find any excuse to get creative but I do spend every Halloween secretly hoping no-one will knock on my door so I can scoff all the sweets in front of the TV… Just call me Halloween scrooge!

Although this holiday is typically associated with all things spooky and colour palettes of blacks/greys and pumpkin orange, small touches of glitter and metallics can be used to add a little class to your big day.

Take a look at this afternoon’s moodboards and find out how you can create the perfect ‘spooktacular’ wedding day!

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A Traditional Farm Wedding on the Greek Island of Crete


It was love at first sight for Stuart and Maxine who met for the first time at their local gym and after a completely unexpected proposal at Stuart’s family home in Cornwall the couple couldn’t wait to start planning their dream destination wedding!

“We knew from the start we didn’t want a church wedding as neither of us are religious” Maxine explained. “We looked at the cost of a decent wedding in the UK and realised we could get married abroad AND have a holiday for a similar, if not cheaper price. Plus the weather is better and the choice of venues are better than anything we have ever seen back here in the UK”.

With that in mind, this fun loving (and extremely photogenic) couple who recently celebrated their one year anniversary, chose to get married on the charmingly rustic Agreco Farm Estate in Crete which boasted a gorgeous array of Grecian decor and details to match their traditional Greek venue…

Traditional-farm-wedding-crete-destination-wedding (3) Traditional-farm-wedding-crete-destination-wedding (2) Traditional-farm-wedding-crete-destination-wedding (4) Traditional-farm-wedding-crete-destination-wedding (6)

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Diary of a Bride To Be – Meet Joanne & Jimmy!!

Diary of a Bride to be

Happy Friday guys! This week has been somewhat busy (and rewarding), with work, meetings and of course setting up my new blog eeek, but I’m certainly ready for the weekend now!

I’ve been very excited about sharing today’s feature and introducing you to my lovely real bride to be Joanne who is marrying her best friend and soul mate Jimmy in the summer of 2016! This is a wedding which is very close to my heart not only because the bride and groom to be are my family but also because I’m going to be bridesmaid!!!!!

So without further or do, I’ll hand you over to the bride herself…

The Beginning…

Myself and Jimmy met in March 2013, we actually came across each other on Facebook… and what’s more, it was me who added him!! We chatted for days getting to know one another, and I just knew he wasn’t going to just be a friend!! We exchanged numbers and arranged to meet up one evening, I’ll never forget how nervous I was, I was shaking as I drove from my house to meet him. Then, along came the butterfly feeling!! But, there was no awkwardness at all, it was as if we’d known each other all our life just chatting the night away! After that we met up every single day and to this day, we’ve never spent a night apart! We are so inseparable!! We were staying at each other’s houses and now we are currently living back with my parents, and saving for a place of our own. And even now, a year and a half down the line, he still gives me those butterflies in my tummy & makes me feel on top of the world.

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